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Black Island Farms | Nightmare Acres & Haunted Barn | Syracuse, Utah

Not worth your time

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Reviewed by Tosh
October 28, 2011

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I wasn't expecting much to begin with since I've never heard of this place. The line to get tickets was 1 - 1/2 hours which isn't that unusual for going to a haunted house on a busy Saturday night. But after I got the tickets for $15 a piece, they didn't say where to go for the Nightmare Acres & Haunted Barn. So we wandered around for 5 minutes or so and then we find yet another line just to get into the Nightmare Acres & Haunted Barn.

So there we are waiting yet again. It total we waited 3 1/2 hours! There was no music, nothing to keep the people in the line entertained. They didn't let people in very quickly. I know you need to space people out. But man, sometimes it was 2 - 3 minutes in between each group was let in.

Finally we get in and it was boring. It felt like this was their very first time running a haunted house. I couldn't wait to get out. It only lasted 15 mins tops. Which would be fine if it was a amazing experience I guess. But it was truly awful. I have been to a lot of haunted houses in my life. This was by far the worst of them all.


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